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Watch USC Football Online

Go Trojans! Don’t miss a single USC football game. Download simple software that lets you watch USC football on your PC!

Watch USC Football Online

USC Football Schedule

9/2/2010 — at Hawai’i
9/11/2010 — vs. Virginia
9/18/2010 — at Minnesota
9/25/2010 — at Washington State
10/2/2010 — vs. Washington
10/9/2010 — at Stanford
10/16/2010 — vs. California
10/30/2010 — vs. Oregon
11/6/2010 — vs. Arizona State
11/13/2010 — at Arizona
11/20/2010 — at Oregon State
11/27/2010 — vs. Notre Dame
12/4/2010 — at UCLA

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USC Football News

USC Info

Los Angeles was a rough-and-tumble frontier town in the early 1870s, when a group of public-spirited citizens led by Judge Robert Maclay Widney first dreamed of establishing a university in the region. It took nearly a decade for this vision to become a reality, but in 1879 Widney formed a board of trustees and secured a donation of 308 lots of land from three prominent members of the community – Ozro W. Childs, a Protestant horticulturist; former California governor John G. Downey, an Irish-Catholic pharmacist and businessman; and Isaias W. Hellman, a German-Jewish banker and philanthropist. The gift provided land for a campus as well as a source of endowment, the seeds of financial support for the nascent institution.

When USC first opened its doors to 53 students and 10 teachers in 1880, the “city” still lacked paved streets, electric lights, telephones and a reliable fire alarm system. Today, USC is home to more than 33,000 students and nearly 3,200 full-time faculty, and is located in the heart of one of the biggest metropolises in the world.

USC’s nickname, “Trojans,” originated in 1912. The term ‘Trojan’ as applied to USC means to me that no matter what the situation, what the odds or what the conditions, the completion must be carried on to the end and those who strive must give all they have and never be weary in doing so.

The USC Trojans football team was founded in 1888. It is a member of the Pac-10 (Pacific Ten) Conference – where it ranks 3rd in over-all team titles; as well as the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) where it is 1st. The Trojans currently have 11 National Championships, is among the top in the country’s win percentage (70%) as well as the total all-time number of wins (732) in 2005.

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is one of the greatest and largest stadiums in America. It combines the traditional and the modern into a premier athletic environment. USC has played football in the Coliseum ever since the grand stadium was built in 1923. In fact, the Trojans played in the first varsity football game ever held there (beating Pomona College, 23-7, on Oct. 6, 1923). That game was preceded that day by the USC freshman team’s 30-0 win over Santa Ana High. The 1998 season marked the 75th anniversary of USC football in the Coliseum Construction on the Coliseum took less than 2 years, with ground breaking ceremonies held on Dec. 21, 1921, and work completed on May 1, 1923.

Watch Oklahoma Football Online

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Watch Oklahoma Football Online

University of Oklahoma Football Schedule

9/4/2010 — vs. Utah State
9/11/2010 — vs. Florida State
9/18/2010 — vs. Air Force
9/25/2010 — at Cincinnati
10/2/2010 — vs. Texas
10/16/2010 — vs. Iowa State
10/23/2010 — at Missouri
10/30/2010 — vs. Colorado
11/6/2010 — at Texas A&M
11/13/2010 — vs. Texas Tech
11/20/2010 — at Baylor
11/27/2010 — at Oklahoma State
12/4/2010 — Big 12 Championship

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University of Oklahoma Football News

University of Oklahoma Info

The University of Oklahoma (OU), located in Norman, just outside of Oklahoma City, is home to the OU Sooners. Famous for its winning football and basketball teams, there is much more to this university than its outstanding athletics. It also has a great academic program. It offers over 150 baccalaureate programs, 160 master’s programs and 75 doctorate programs. It has been named in The Princeton Review as one of the “best value colleges.” No college has so much to offer without a rich and interesting history.

The Oklahoma football program is a college football team that represents the University of Oklahoma (variously “Oklahoma” or “OU”). The Oklahoma Sooners are a perennial powerhouse. As of 2008, ESPN ranked Oklahoma as the most prestigious program since 1936. The team is currently a member of the Big 12 Conference, which is a Division I Bowl Subdivision (formerly Division I-A) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The program began in 1895 and is the most successful program of the modern era (post World War II) with 524 wins and a winning percentage of .761 since 1945. The program has seven national championships, 42 conference championships, 150 All-Americans (72 consensus), and five Heisman Trophy winners. In addition, the school has had five coaches and 17 players inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame and holds the record for the longest winning streak in Division I-FBS history with 47 straight victories. They became the eighth NCAA FBS team to win 800 games when they defeated Utah State on Sept. 4th, 2010.

The football program at the University of Oklahoma is the most famous aspect of Sooner athletics. Football at Oklahoma made its start in September 1895, 12 years before statehood and one year after the first organized football game in Oklahoma Territory. The team was organized by John A. Harts, a student from Winfield, Kansas who had played the game in his home state. That first team was composed of mostly non-students, such as a local fireman. That first “season” saw the team go 0–1, being blanked 0–34 by a more experienced Oklahoma City Town Team (the Sooners could not even muster a first down). The first game was played on a field of low prairie grass just northwest of the current site of Holmberg Hall. Several members of the Oklahoma team were injured, including Coach Harts, and by the end of the game, the Oklahoma team was borrowing members from the opposing squad so they would have a full lineup.

College sports fans are hard-pressed to find a nickname that is as unique and as tied-in to a state’s history as a Sooner. The University of Oklahoma is the only school known as Sooners and those who claim that they are Sooners say it with pride.

The Sooner Schooner is a Conestoga, or covered wagon, reminiscent of the mode of travel of the pioneers who settled in Oklahoma. The Schooner is powered by matching white ponies named Boomer and Sooner and ventures onto Owen Field as a triumphant victory ride after OU scores. Although the Schooner was introduced in 1964, it did not become the official mascot until 1980. Besides being a constant part of gamedays, the Schooner is well-recognized by college football fans across the country and it also makes regular appearances at university functions.

The University of Oklahoma mascot has evolved through the years and the mascots involved just adds to the lore of Soonerdom. Though the different mascots were completely different from each other, make no mistake: They were all Sooners. The Oklahoma territory opened with the Land Run of 1889. Settlers from across the globe, seeking free land, made their way to the prairies of the plains to stake their claim to a new life. One of the few rules to claiming a lot of land was that all participants were to start at the same time, on the boom of a cannon. All settlers who started then were labeled as “Boomers” and the ones who went too soon were called “Sooners.” OU athletic teams were called either Rough Riders or Boomers for 10 years before the current Sooner nickname emerged in 1908. The university actually derived their name from a pep club called “The Sooner Rooters.”

Gaylord Family – Oklahoma Memorial Stadium : The home of the Sooners is one of America’s most recognized college football cathedrals. Situated on the east side of the Norman campus, this historic facility is the largest sports arena in the state and ranks among the 15 largest on-campus stadium in the country.

Watch Nebraska Football Online

Yay Huskers! Go Big Red! Don’t miss a single University of Nebraska football game. Download simple software that lets you watch Nebraska football on your PC!

Watch Nebraska Football Online

University of Nebraska Football Schedule

Sat, Sept. 4 — Western Kentucky
Sat, Sept. 11 — Idaho
Sat, Sept. 18 — Washington
Sat, Sept. 25 — South Dakota State
Thu, Oct. 7 — Kansas State
Sat, Oct. 16 — Texas
Sat, Oct. 23 — at Oklahoma State
Sat, Oct. 30 — Nebraska
Sat, Nov. 6 — Iowa State
Sat, Nov. 13 — Kansas
Sat, Nov. 20 — at Texas A&M
Fri, Nov. 26 — Colorado

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University of Nebraska Football News

University of Nebraska Info

Following the university’s founding in 1869, a campus was laid out on four city blocks and its first building, University Hall, was constructed. Built of wood and sun-dried bricks in what its builders termed the “Franco-Italian Style,” University Hall was an impressive structure to young people visiting the capital city. One student, born and reared in a sod house, likened it to the Parthenon. This beacon of learning also dazzled young pioneer children, who would mount huge ash heaps in the back of University Hall to view skeletons in the state’s first museum.

As the university’s mission grew, so did its size. A farm campus was established east of Lincoln in 1873. Separated from the city by an unbroken stretch of prairie, it was regarded by students to be a great distance from the main city campus. By 1904 the farm campus went beyond its own boundaries to establish an experimental station at North Platte, the first of many research centers that would serve the state in later years. NU made its first operational tie with the city of Omaha when that city’s then-ailing Medical College merged with the university in 1902.

The University of Nebraska’s football team is known as the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The football program has become somewhat of a perennial powerhouse, but has seen some decline in the recent years. With the hiring of Bill Callahan, the Huskers traditional 9 win seasons became a thing of the past. Nonetheless, Nebraska ranks fourth in the all-time victories category. After the 2007 season, the Cornhuskers hold an all-time record of 805-324-40 (.713). Another milestone that the Huskers reached was on October 14, 2006. Nebraska reigned victorious over the Kansas State Wildcats to become on of only four programs in NCAA Division I-A history to win 800 games. Over the past 50 years, Nebraska is the winningest college football program in the nation by winning percentage and number of total victories.

The nickname “Cornhuskers” was first applied to Nebraska athletic teams at the turn of the century by sports writer Charles “Cy” Sherman of the Nebraska State Journal. Before adopting Sherman’s suggestion, Nebraska sports teams were called “The Bugeaters,” “Tree Planters,” “Nebraskans,” “Rattlesnake Boys,” “Antelopes” and “Old Gold Knights.” Of course, today it is commonly shortened as “Huskers.”

Memorial Stadium : The home of the Huskers since 1923 and the location of a continuing NCAA-record consecutive sellout streak that reached beyond 300 games in 2009, Memorial Stadium provides one of the most exciting game-day experiences in all of college football. Nebraska’s 2009 contest with Louisiana-Lafayette marked the NCAA-record 300th consecutive sellout at Memorial Stadium, and also set a single-game attendance mark of 86,304 fans on Sept. 26. Overall, the Huskers set a single-season attendance mark by averaging 85,888 fans per game in 2009. NU’s sellout streak reached 304 games with a 17-3 win over Kansas State on Nov. 21, the final home game at Memorial Stadium in 2009.

Watch Virginia Tech Football Online

Go Hokies! Don’t miss a single Virginia Tech University football game. Download simple software that lets you watch Virginia Tech football on your PC!

Watch Virginia Tech Football Online

Virginia Tech Football Schedule

September 6 — Boise State
September 11 — James Madison
September 18 — East Carolina
September 25 — at Boston College
October 2 — at NC State
October 9 — Central Michigan
October 16 — Wake Forest
October 23 — Duke — —
November 4 — Georgia Tech
November 13 — at North Carolina
November 20 — at Miami —
November 27 — at Virginia

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Virginia Tech Football News

Virginia Tech Info

Virginia Tech is well known for its programs in agriculture, engineering, science, architecture, and business. It was established in 1872 and today has the distinction of being one of the few public universities to have a corps of cadets. It was also the first school in the country to open its corps to women.

Virginia Tech’s sports teams are referred to as the Hokies, a word that has no particular meaning. A creature that resembles a turkey called the Hokie Bird is their school mascot. It’s a deviation from a turkey referred to as the Fighting Gobbler which used to be their original mascot. The teams participate in the NCAA’s Division I in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The Virginia Military Institute and the University of Virginia are two of Virginia Tech’s strongest rivals. The latter’s football team competes against Virginia Tech for the Governor’s “Commonwealth Cup” every season.

The football team plays their home games at Lane Stadium, a stadium small in comparison to other Division I teams, but still loud. It is also ranked as having the best home field advantage in college football. Currently, the Hokies have the 4th longest bowl streak in the country. They have also finished with a top-10 ranking 5 times and have won 6 conferences.

The “Tech Triumph” is the school’s fight song. Written in 1919, it grew in popularity, not just as a fight song but as a dance song, as well. It can still be heard today.

Watch Penn State Football Online

Go Nittany Lions! Don’t miss a single Penn State University football game. Download simple software that lets you watch Penn State football on your PC!

Watch Penn State Football Online

Penn State University Football Schedule

9/4/2010 — vs. Youngstown State
9/11/2010 — at Alabama
9/18/2010 — vs. Kent State
9/25/2010 — vs. Temple
10/2/2010 — at Iowa
10/9/2010 — vs. Illinois
10/23/2010 — at Minnesota
10/30/2010 — vs. Michigan
11/6/2010 — vs. Northwestern
11/13/2010 — at Ohio State
11/20/2010 — vs. Indiana
11/27/2010 — vs. Michigan State

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Penn State University Football News

Penn State University Info

Pennsylvania State University, or Penn State, is a state university located in Pennsylvania. It is ranked in the national top 15 for public universities and is considered a Public Ivy. It is also one of the 10 largest universities in the United States. It was originally founded as a degree-granting institution on February 22, 1855. but didn’t receive its current name until 1953.

A mountain lion that once roamed University Park, the Nittany Lion, is the school’s mascot. Penn State competes in the NCAA Division I-A and in the Big Ten Conference. In 1999 Sporting News named the school as the country’s best overall athletic program and for the 2007-08 academic year it also placed 6th in Sports Illustrated’s top 25 rankings in athletic success.

However, Penn State is most notable for its football team. The team’s home stadium, Beaver Stadium can seat over 107,282, making it have the largest seating capacity of any stadium in the country. State College becomes the third most populated city in Pennsylvania, after Pittsburgh and Philadelphia during home games. Coach Joe Paterno, who has coached the team for 44 years, has had 383 wins and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2007.

Although football is huge, it’s not the only sport getting recognition at Penn State, either. Athletic teams have won 36 NCAA championships, 2 consensus Division I football titles, 4 national boxing titles, and 53 national collegiate championships by either clubs or individuals.

Watch Oklahoma State Football Online

Go Cowboys! Don’t miss a single Oklahoma State University football game. Download simple software that lets you watch Oklahoma State football on your PC!

Watch Oklahoma State Football Online

Oklahoma State University Football Schedule

9/4/2010 — vs. Washington State
9/11/2010 — vs. Troy
9/18/2010 — vs. Tulsa
9/30/2010 — vs. Texas A&M
10/8/2010 — at Louisiana
10/16/2010 — at Texas Tech
10/23/2010 — vs. Nebraska
10/30/2010 — at Kansas State
11/6/2010 — vs. Baylor
11/13/2010 — at Texas
11/20/2010 — at Kansas
11/27/2010 — vs. Oklahoma
12/4/2010 — Big 12 Championship

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Oklahoma State University Football News

Oklahoma State University Info

The college football team is identified as the Oklahoma State Cowboys. They stand for Oklahoma State University-Stillwater. At this time, they are part of the Big 12′s Southern Division. This is a Division I Bowl Subdivision of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association).

The Boone Pickens Stadium, positioned in Stillwater, is where the home games are played. It is the solitary major college football stadium that features an east-west configuration. At the moment, the team vies with a lot of the top teams in the country. The stadium gives Oklahoma State football a distinctive game-day setting and home-field advantage and offers players a marvelous resource for day to day operations.

The football program is establishing itself as a major contender when it comes to college football. They have participated in 18 bowl games on the whole and 5 in the last 6 years. The Cowboys have won 10 conference championships and the team has had one Heisman Trophy winner and 2 members inducted the NFL Hall of Fame.

Watch Michigan Football Online

Support your Wolverines! Don’t miss a single University of Michigan football game. Download simple software that lets you watch Michigan football on your PC!

Watch Michigan Football Online

University of Michigan Football Schedule

Sat., Sep. 4 — vs. Connecticut
Sat., Sep. 11 — at Notre Dame
Sat., Sep. 18 — vs. Massachusetts
Sat., Sep. 25 — vs. Bowling Green
Sat., Oct. 2 — at Indiana
Sat., Oct. 9 — vs. No. 17 Michigan State
Sat., Oct. 16 — vs. Iowa (Homecoming)
Sat., Oct. 30 — at Penn State
Sat., Nov. 6 — vs. Illinois
Sat., Nov. 13 — at Purdue
Sat., Nov. 20 — vs. Wisconsin
Sat., Nov. 27 — at Ohio State

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University of Michigan Football News

University of Michigan Info

The University of Michigan is one of the oldest universities in the United States. Founded in 1817, it was established before Michigan itself became a state. In 1837, it relocated from Detroit to Ann Arbor. Such notable alumni like President Gerald Ford, Pulitzer prize winning poet Theodore Roethke, TV journalist Mike Wallace, Google co-founder Larry Page, and actresses Lucy Liu and Selma Blair have come from UM.

The most celebrated athletic team at the University of Michigan is the football team. It is the most successful team in college football history. In NCAA history it ranks number 1 in total wins and overall percentage. The Wolverines have won 872 NCAA games and 11 National titles. They had 40 consecutive winning seasons from 1968-2007. UM also has the biggest football stadium in the world being able to seat more than 107,500. It is just called the “Big house”, and is presently being expanded.

Of course, football isn’t the only game in town with noteworthy athletes. UM has even had athletes compete in every Olympic Summer Games. Students have won a combined 54 gold medals.

Since the University of Michigan has the most successful in football history, you know that it must have thousands of fans who support their every game. If you are a fan of the Wolverines then the University of Michigan checks would be a great way to express your team pride. These checks will support the university itself, as well as its athletic programs.

Watch Auburn Football Online

Go Tigers! Don’t miss a single Auburn University football game. Download simple software that lets you watch Auburn football on your PC!

Watch Auburn Football Online

Auburn University Football Schedule

9/4/2010 — vs. Arkansas State
9/9/2010 — at Mississippi State
9/18/2010 — vs. Clemson
9/25/2010 — vs. South Carolina
10/2/2010 — vs. Louisiana-Monroe
10/9/2010 — at Kentucky
10/16/2010 — vs. Arkansas
10/23/2010 — vs. LSU
10/30/2010 — at Mississippi
11/6/2010 — vs. Chattanooga (HC)
11/13/2010 — vs. Georgia
11/26/2010 — at Alabama
12/4/2010 — SEC Championship

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Auburn University Football News

Auburn University Info

Auburn University, a public university in Auburn, Alabama, has one of the most well-known college sports’ teams. It was chartered on February 1, 1856 and in 1892, it became the first four-year coeducational school in the state of Alabama. In 1960 its name was officially changed to Auburn University and it is popularly known as “Auburn.” it is one of the few American universities designated as a land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant research center.

For a time during the Civil War, the school was closed due to the fact that most of the students and faculty left to join the army. The Confederate Army used the school grounds for training purposes, and the wounded used the “Old Main” as a hospital. Later, the brothers of Delta Chapter of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity presented a cannon lathe used for the manufacturing of cannons for the Confederate Army to Auburn in 1952.

Nowadays, Auburn has over 23,000 students and a faculty of almost 1,200 at the main campus in Auburn alone. In addition, there are over 6,000 students at the Auburn University Montgomery satellite campus.

Auburn is one of the charter members of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The sports teams are called the Tigers, and they compete in Division I-A of the NCAA and in the Western Division of the SEC. Auburn routinely fields nationally competitive teams in football, swimming and diving, women’s basketball, baseball and women’s golf. Auburn’s colors of burnt orange and navy blue were chosen by Dr. George Petrie, Auburn’s first football coach.

At present time, the football team calls Gene Chizik coach. “Shug” Jordan coached Auburn to a 10-0 record in 1957 and was awarded the AP National Championship. Recognition was also given in 1913, 1914, 1958, 1983, 1993, and 2004. Pat Sullivan won a Heisman Trophy in 1971 and Bo Jackson won it in 1985. The Trophy’s namesake, John Heisman, even coached at Auburn from 1895 until 1899. Jordan-Hare Stadium the football team’s home. It is the 9th-largest on-campus stadium in the NCAA with a capacity to seat 87,451 fans.

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